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Robinson Refrigeration Pvt Ltd was founded by Mr. LIANS PERARA (Robin) in 2004 as a small company which handled repairs and maintenance of refrigeration, air-conditioning systems. Mr. LIANS PERARA who has over 20 years of experience in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems developed his expertise with hands-on work on of ICE Plant, Cold storage, Freezing Plant, Dairy Plants, AC plant repair facilities in and around Orissa.

His expertise and experience helped evolve the company from handling of minor repairs to major repairs and then to installation of the same. This included Erection of compressors, fans, coils, condensers & other manufactured items required in the refrigeration & air-conditioning systems. The company also sourced quality bought out items which required and installed and commissioned the same.

Over a period of 12 years the company developed into an entity which was capable of assessing the requirement of a client, designing the requisite system, procurement of necessary equipment, fabrication of needed components, installing the system, testing and commissioning it. In short it transformed itself from a repairing company into a turn-key project handling establishment. This was the result of total commitment and dedication to quality which Mr. LIANS PERARA provided to the company.

Mr. LIANS PERARA's obsession with quality made the ROBINSON REFRIGERATION PVT. LTD. a dependable and trusted company for Maintenance, Erection, Repairing of all kinds of ICE Plant, Cold storage, Freezing Plant, Dairy Plants, AC plant. The reputation of the company ensured that its business grew exponentially. ROBINSON REFRIGERATION WORKS (P) LTD. is capable of providing various types of designs for Refrigeration Systems and Air-conditioning on all kinds of ICE Plant, Cold storage, Freezing Plant, Dairy Plants, AC plant.

Save Development Time

ROBINSON REFRIGERATION PVT. LTD. has full-fledged design capabilities for any requirement in Refrigeration and in Air-conditioning Industry. A well-qualified CAD team caters to the demands of modern industry requirements. A team of qualified and experienced engineers, supervisors and tradesmen who have carried out turnkey projects across the various industries.

The partners are supported by a well-qualified team of Managers, Engineers and Supervisors. The work force is well trained and dedicated. Besides the core team the company has a pool of qualified and experienced technicians which can be mobilized at short notice.


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